Even A Stone: A Fun, Clever Little Tale


Hi everybody, It’s not every day that you come across a story that has both dragons and angels in it. Add a fantasy medieval setting and a dose of myth and magic to the picture, and you get a rare and fun and clever read—

In this short story, we meet Sir Charles Hallwyn, a knight who is on his way to the foothills, a known dragon territory. But he isn’t going there to fight dragons. Instead, he is searching for dragon eggs.

During his journey through the wilderness, Sir Charles comes across an angel who is sitting on a rock. Thinking the angel might have a message for him, he approaches the angel. The angel, however, simply wants to talk.

The two start off a conversation that reveals why the angel was sitting on a rock and why Sir Charles is seeking dragon eggs. The angel says he made a hurtful remark that brought a friend to tears. In that particular remark, he cited the Japanese proverb, “Even a stone will warm up if you sit on it for three years.” And so, as punishment, God ordered him to sit on that rock to find out if the proverb was indeed true.

For his part, Sir Charles shares how he ended up doing what he does and what happens to the dragons—he raises them then sells the dragons as pets and some of the medium-sized ones to knights who use the dragons in dragon-fighting practice and training.

Where does their conversation lead to? Think a large baby dragon, a furious dragon-mom, a knight reflecting on his decisions and apologizing for his actions, and the start of an unlikely but heartwarming friendship.

This satire is a quick but engaging and enlightening read that’s hard to put down with its mesmerizing and compelling prose and dash of humor and quirkiness. Plus, the tale has a nice surprising ending that will make you want to read the author’s other works as well as other pieces of Christian fiction and fantasy.

“Even A Stone” was first published in the magazine Dragon, Knights and Angels. It’s one of the titles in Jane Lebak’s Seven Angels Short Story Bundle, which includes “Wired Branches,” “Hired Man” and “Damage,” plus eight bonus shorts.

Lebak also wrote “The Wrong Enemy” and has two books in print. She maintains the blog “Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family.”