A Helpful Guide to Cleaning Your Espresso Machine


Whenever you use your espresso machine, it collects layers of espresso debris, milk-proteins, mineral deposits, and oils. That’s why it’s crucial to clean it after use!

So if you need a Breville Espresso Machine Cleaning Tutorial (credits: https://www.geniemag.net/breville-espresso-machine-cleaning-guide/), then read on! I’ll show you a helpful guide to care for your machine well.

Maintain the Espresso Machine After Use

You need to clean out your espresso machine right after using it! Follow these simple steps when you just finished making a batch of espresso:

1. Scrub your machine’s basket and a portafilter. Remove the basket from its portafilter and use a scrubby pad, dislodging any espresso grounds. Rinse both parts using hot water and dry them using a clean towel.

2. Clean its gasket by inserting a nylon brush to the group, moving it around the edges to dislodge any materials from it. Run water through your machine’s group, rinsing away the remaining materials.

3. Wash the espresso machine screen and under its group, loosening the screw and removing the screen. Use a scrubby pad or nylon brush, removing debris from all of the screens. Scrub the group’s interiors and place the screen back to place.

4. Backwash your espresso machine by inserting a blind disk (the basket with no holes) in the portafilter. Lock your portafilter to the group and switch it on, running it for 12 seconds. Remove your portafilter, empty the water, and repeat. 

5. Sanitize your steam arm to prevent milk-proteins from building up, which affects the drink’s taste. Place a clean and damp rag over your wand’s nozzle and switch on the steam want for two seconds, flushing out milk-proteins and water. Wipe it down with the clean rag and switch the wand on again for another two seconds, this time with the rag over its nozzle.

6. Lastly, wipe your machine down with a clean and damp rag.

Deep-Clean Your Espresso Machine

You should deep clean your espresso machine once a week using a specially-formulated cleaner. Prepare the cleaning solution based on the manufacturer’s instructions, then follow these steps:

1. Disassemble your espresso machine for cleaning, starting off by removing the portafilter, then the basket followed with the steam wand and the screen.

3. Soak all removable espresso machine parts in the solution, letting it stay in there overnight. Scrub and rinse all parts right after using a clean scrubbing pad then rinsing it under warm water.

4. Once everything is clean and dry without any milk-proteins and residue, reassemble the parts back to the espresso machine and wipe it down.

Descaling the Espresso Machine

Over time, there will be mineral deposits that build up in the machine because of the water you use. This is totally normal, which is why you need to descale your machine every three to four months using a commercial descaling solution.

1. Fill up the espresso machine reservoir with fresh water, then add the descaling solution, allowing it to dissolve. Then run the descaling solution through the machine’s steam wand, placing a container under it to catch your solution. There should be a cup of the solution running through the steam wand, and once done, switch it off.

2. Switch off your espresso machine and allow it to rest for 20 minutes, letting the descaling solution work. Afterward, switch it back on and run the solution through both steam wand and group, flushing about a quarter cup each through the wand and group. 

3. Switch off the machine again and let it sit for another 20 minutes, letting the solution break down mineral deposits. Afterward, switch on the espresso machine and run the remaining solutions, flushing half from the steam wand and the remaining half from the portafilter. 

4. Finish it off by flushing the espresso machine, filling up the reservoir with fresh and clean water. Run the water through both steam want and portafilter, running it again if preferred. Wipe down your machine and you’re done!

Wrapping It Up

It may be a bit of a hassle cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine, but this is what will have it work and brew quality espresso for years to come. If your espresso machine is due for cleaning now, follow these steps!